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Carboxy Methyl Starch
Carboxy Methyl Starch
Carboxy Methyl Starch

Synonyms: CMS
CAS No.:  9057-06-1
Molecular Formula: [C6H7O2(OH)2OCH2COONa]n
Properties:  CMS is a water-soluble polysaccharide which is widely employed as an additive; it is biodegradable and non-toxic products that are finding an increasing number of applications. Sodium carboxy methyl starch is a starch ether derivative derived from starch.



Viscometer dial reading at 600r/min

-in 40g/l salt water

18 max

-in saturated salt water

20 max

Filtrate volume


- in 40g/l salt water,milliltres

10 max

-in 40g/l saturated salt water,milliltres

 10 max

Residue greater than 2000 um

 No residue

CMS is used in textile sizing and printing, paper sizing, oil well drilling, ceramic, electrodes, pesticide, water based distemper, and oil bound distemper, foundries and adhesives.
PACKAGE: Plastic woven bag of 25kg net each or equivalent.
STORE: Sealed and stored in cool, dry conditions.
SHELF LIFE: 24 months